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The EU Fact Sheet

This is the content of the European Union fact sheet on the Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework (TADPF)

„Key principles

• Based on the new framework, data will be able to flow freely and safely between the EU and participating U.S. companies

• A new set of rules and binding safeguards to limit access to data by U.S. intelligence authorities to what is necessary and proportionate to protect national security; U.S. intelligence agencies will adopt procedures to ensure effective oversight of new privacy and civil liberties standards

• A new two-tier redress system to investigate and resolve complaints of Europeans on access of data by U.S. Intelligence authorities, which includes a Data Protection Review Court

• Strong obligations for companies processing data transferred from the EU, which will continue

to include the requirement to self-certify their adherence to the Principles through the U.S. Department of Commerce

• Specific monitoring and review mechanisms“

Benefits of the deal

• Adequate protection of Europeans’ data transferred to the US, addressing the ruling of the European Court of Justice (Schrems II)

• Safe and secure data flows

• Durable and reliable legal basis

• Competitive digital economy and economic cooperation

• Continued data flows underpinning €900 billion in cross-border commerce every year

Next steps: The agreement in principle will now be translated into legal documents. The U.S. commitments will be included in an Executive Order that will form the basis of a draft adequacy decision by the Commission to put in place the new Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework.„

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