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Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework

Get help in international data transfer

- not only between EU and US, but also

- between EU and other third countries 



March 25th, 2022 US and EU have announced that an agreement is reached to replace the Privacy Shield held invalid by European Court of Justice (ECJ).

In the moment we have very few information and it is highly likely that it will take several months if not years to complete the legal wording between EU and US. Some facts we can derive already:

a) Privacy Shield self certification is needed as before,

b) additional safeguards are announced without giving details,

c) There will be a specific Data Protection Review Court in US to handle cases involving TADPF,

d) There will be a executive order in US as a basis for an adequacy decision in EU. 


Information so far

Information are very low. There is no final text to look at but only a press release or you might call it a short fact sheet.

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